Why Hire A Litigation Firm?

When facing contentious legal issues, clients rely on their attorneys to provide advice and guidance that ultimately achieves positive and sustainable solutions. Although there are never any guarantees regarding the outcome of a case, having the appropriate resources in place can significantly impact the end result.

We Are An Accomplished Litigation Practice

At McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun, we are a team of litigation attorneys formed from the Arkansas attorney general’s office. Our experiences at the state level and in the private sector have shaped us into a firm that intelligently and aggressively protects the interests of our clients. Whether sitting down at the negotiation table or walking into a courtroom, our past successes follow us through the door and act as an added advantage in our repertoire of resources.

Below are some of the other advantages to working with our team of attorneys:

  • We know how to fight smarter: When it comes to litigating cases, it’s important to understand the difference between fighting smarter and fighting harder. By fighting smarter, we help clients save time, money and a great deal of stress. At our firm, each of our attorneys has litigated numerous cases at the state and federal level. It’s with these experiences in mind that we develop strategies that clearly outline our clients’ objectives and pursue those goals through the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective methods possible.
  • We build cases from the ground up: Successful litigation strategies begin with a strong foundation. By gathering and organizing all the essential elements of a case, we anticipate challenges and arrive prepared, ready to address any obstacles that may arise.
  • Comprehensive services under one roof: Although there are plenty of good lawyers and law firms out there, many simply cannot match the experience or resources we have assembled at McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun. We know what it takes to advance complex litigation matters to completion. We also have a strong network of external legal and professional resources when making referrals.
  • Our local knowledge is your advantage: We are an Arkansas law firm serving people and businesses in our local and regional communities. Our experience working in the state attorney general’s office has helped us understand the issues facing individuals, families, businesses, educators and others throughout our state. Instead of turning to an out-of-state firm, we encourage prospective clients to discover the advantages of our strong local presence.

Regardless of your legal issue, knowing your representative can take your case as far as it needs to go can offer much needed peace of mind. When seeking counsel, reach out to us, review our past successes and credentials, and take the first step toward reaching a sustainable solution.

Professionalism. Intelligence. Experience.

Contact McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun at our Little Rock law office by calling 501-235-8336. You can also reach our firm by completing our email contact form. We regularly represent clients in Pulaski County and throughout central Arkansas.