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Even with protections, trade secret issues could arise

Having confidential and proprietary information can help businesses stay ahead of the game. Arkansas company owners want to do their best to protect such information, but their actions do not always prevent trade secret issues. In some cases, workers or former workers may take that information and provide it to other companies.

In efforts to protect trade secrets, it is wise to revoke former employees' access to the network immediately. This action may help prevent former workers from accessing work emails or other forums in efforts to extract proprietary information later. If company networks are left exposed in this or other ways, it may only make it easier for unscrupulous parties to gain access to information that could be used to damage the company or help a competitor later.

Is ending a partnership more difficult than you anticipated?

Your business has grown, thanks to the hard work you and your partner have put in over the years. Now, your partner wants to move on, and you want to buy him out.

However, despite the partnership agreement that exists, you face some snags you find difficult to resolve. Meanwhile, your relationship with your partner is becoming strained. What now?

Participating in divorce could help work toward better outcomes

Throughout life, Arkansas residents and those elsewhere need to make difficult decisions. For some, one of those choices may include deciding to end a marriage. While this action may be the best for the circumstances, it can still be difficult for anyone to go through a divorce.

For individuals looking to hopefully lessen those difficulties, it is important to have goals pertaining to the outcomes of the divorce. If parties simply go through the process without having an idea of what they want as far as settlement terms or property division outcomes, they may wind up with less than they deserved. Moreover, they could agree to terms that do not do them any favors as far as building a future as a single person.

Child custody: Communication between parents, kids important

Many Arkansas parents have reservations when it comes to letting their kids spend a lot of time on social media. They may fear that it will cause them to have low self-esteem due to constantly comparing themselves to others or will result in poor in-person social skills. Still, social media can have its time and place to be useful, and some parents may be using it more for child custody reasons.

Though the manner in which parents get along after divorce has often been considered important for the well-being of the kids, it may be that communication between the kids and their parents is more important. A recent study indicated that the manner in which parents co-parented after divorce did not seem to have much impact on child-parent relationships. However, the frequency of communication between kids and parents did.

Woman suffers personal injury after tire thrown off overpass

Suffering injuries in any type of event can be difficult. When the harm results from someone else's negligent or reckless actions, the victims may have reason to pursue legal action against the parties considered responsible. Unfortunately, those parties may not always be immediately apprehended, but it does not mean that affected individuals cannot look into their options for personal injury claims.

One woman in Arkansas may be considering her legal options as authorities search for a person or persons who threw a tire off an overpass. Reports indicated that the woman was riding in the passenger seat of her boyfriend's vehicle on I-530 when the tire came down from the overpass and went through the vehicle's windshield. Apparently, an SUV had stopped on the overpass before the tire was thrown.

Arkansas police officer accused of drug crimes, conduct violation

Everyone makes mistakes in life. For some, those mistakes could lead to criminal charges, and a person may find him or herself desperately wanting to find the best way to address those circumstances. When it comes to criminal allegations for drug crimes and other offenses, creating a meaningful defense is often a viable way to work toward rectifying a difficult situation.

One man in Arkansas will certainly want to make sure that he addresses his case in a meaningful way after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man is a police officer and was in charge of the criminal investigation division. Other officers apparently became suspicious of the man and believed that he was taking evidence from the evidence room. Officers allegedly caught the man on video entering the evidence room and putting items in his pants.

Delayed symptoms you may experience after a car accident

Hundreds of car accidents happen every day across Arkansas. 

Most of these auto accidents do not make the news because they are relatively minor in nature. However, even these minor collisions can still result in serious medical issues. You need to see a doctor within 24 hours of the initial crash to make sure everything is all right. It can take several days or weeks for the following symptoms to develop, and you want to get ahead of any potential health problems. 

Trademark infringement leads to lawsuit with Rihanna against dad

Trademarks can give business owners some peace of mind in knowing that they have taken steps to protect certain intellectual property. Still, a trademark may not physically stop another person or entity from using that property. However, it can allow the trademark owners to take legal action against those who commit trademark infringement.

Arkansas readers may be interested to know that singer Rihanna has recently filed this type of lawsuit against her father. With her full name being Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the singer started using the name Fenty in 2012 in association with her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, and other businesses. At some point, she apparently obtained a trademark for the name Fenty. In 2017, her father, Ronald Fenty, began using the family name for his talent and production company, Fenty Entertainment.

Bob Marley family companies win breach of contract suit, appeal

Business owners and operators often want to take precautions to make sure that they do not put their companies at unnecessary risk for damages. These precautions often involve creating contracts and other agreements when they do business with another person or entity. Unfortunately, these precautions may not always protect the business as hoped if a breach of contract occurs.

Arkansas residents may be interested in a lawsuit that involved companies owned by the family of late musician Bob Marley. According to reports, Fifty-Six Hope Road and Hope Road Merchandising had entered into an agreement with a coffee company that allowed that company to use the musician's name and trademarked image for business purposes. The coffee company reportedly named a beverage after Marley.

Identifying issues, remaining fair may allow for amicable divorce

Though many Arkansas residents may believe that ending their marriages is the right step to take, they may worry about the contention of the dissolution proceedings. However, divorce does not have to be a complicated fight. Parties who want to make an effort to end their marriages amicably may want to consider ways in which they can help make that happen.

It is often easy to place blame during times when emotions run high, but refraining from doing so during divorce may help the situation. Parties can work to determine why the relationship did not work, which may go better if both individuals are willing to admit to their own part in the marital issues. Some people may wonder how this step could help with divorce, but when each party understands why the relationship ended, it could give a sense of closure that is often needed.

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