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When whiplash turns into a severe neck injury

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries. An Arkansas man recently sustained injuries after driving his vehicle off the road.

Many people involved in two-vehicle collisions report suffering from whiplash afterward. This is a result of your head and neck whipping violently forward and immediately backward. It does not always appear directly after the collision. It can take days or even weeks to develop. Although the symptoms may feel mild at first, it is critical to seek medical attention right away. You may have a more severe neck injury that requires more extensive treatment. 

Accepting that divorce will take time is wise

For some people, a simple sentence could turn their lives upside down. If a spouse declares that he or she wants a divorce, the other person may feel completely in shock. It may also be possible for that unsuspecting person to immediately begin thinking about worst-case scenarios when it comes to the legal proceedings ahead, but ending a  marriage does not have to seem like an insurmountable task.

When divorce comes as a shock, many Arkansas residents in this situation may find themselves wanting to act on their emotions. For instance, those who feel hurt and angry may want to make decisions that will make their exes hurt as well. However, taking this approach can quickly and easily cause the process to become unnecessarily complicated and take much longer than necessary.

Multiple people arrested for drug crimes after search

Life hands each person different circumstances. For some, their lives can take difficult paths in which they face hardship after hardship. In some cases, that could mean that individuals end up facing serious legal predicaments due to having charges for drug crimes brought against them.

It was recently reported that three individuals were taken into custody in Arkansas due to alleged drug-related activity. Apparently, authorities had begun an investigation concerning a home and its residents due to suspecting that drug deals involving marijuana were taking place at the home. It was unclear what caused these suspicions to arise. Nonetheless, police officers were reportedly able to obtain a search warrant for the location and executed that warrant early one morning.

Motorcycle accidents can quickly claim lives

Tragedy can strike at any moment. Unfortunately, some individuals facing already difficult situations may only find themselves having to handle even more hardships in the blink of an eye. For instance, motorcycle accidents can happen unexpectedly, and many people can be left grieving.

It was recently reported that such an accident took place in Arkansas. A motorcyclist was leaving a memorial service for a friend when he was involved in a car accident. The man was riding with another motorcyclist when a vehicle turned in front of them while trying to get to a fast food restaurant. The man's motorcycle collided with the vehicle while the other motorcyclist laid his bike down in an effort to avoid a collision.

Contractor disputes can leave clients disappointed

It is common for Arkansas residents to want to update their homes or make much-needed repairs. In many cases, individuals enlist the help of construction-related professionals in efforts to have those changes made. Of course, not every client-contractor relationship goes well, and contractor disputes can take place.

It was recently reported that a woman and her son in another state faced such an issue with a contractor. The woman had reportedly hired the contractor to remodel her home, which would include installing new cabinets and a new bathroom along with repairing the roof and other work. The job was totaled at $26,000 for the contractor's labor as the family had already purchased the necessary materials themselves. However, the contractor began requesting more money for the job, and after the son told his mother not to pay more, the contractor left the job and took the materials with him.

Divorce advice can be tricky to navigate

When loved ones offer advice, they typically mean well. Of course, they likely do not know the ins and outs of a specific situation, so the advice they offer may not suit the circumstances. This type of scenario could be especially true for Arkansas residents who are considering or going through divorce but are receiving conflicting input from others.

Some people have bitter feelings about divorce or believe that exes should not remain civil toward one another. As a result, some parties may try to convince others that they should approach their cases in anger and attempt to use the legal proceedings as a way to pursue justice for wrongs they faced during the marriage. However, that advice may not be necessary or useful. It is not uncommon for individuals to be able to end their marriages amicably and end the process more easily and quickly.

Two child custody mistakes to avoid

Child custody in Arkansas is one aspect of divorce that causes strife between parents. Parents who plan to divorce or are already in the process should keep in mind that regardless of everyone’s feelings and wishes, the courts ultimately base custody agreements on the best interests of the children. 

To prevent issues that could create additional obstacles to achieving a desirable child custody agreement, parents should try to avoid making the following mistakes. 

Arkansas man accused of drug crimes, fleeing

Facing criminal charges can turn a person's life upside down. Individuals in this type of predicament often do not know where to turn and tend to start thinking of worst-case scenarios for their situations. However, parties accused of drug crimes or other illegal activity still have the opportunity to make the best out of their circumstances by presenting defenses to allegations.

It may benefit one man in Arkansas to remember that his arrest is not the end of the line for his case. It was recently reported that authorities went to a residence to speak with a suspect in a burglary case. They presumably did not make contact with the man at the residence but say they noticed power cords running to another building. The officers went to that building and purportedly discovered the man hiding inside a vehicle.

Car accidents can easily leave children in critical condition

In any parent's ideal world, children would never come to any harm. Unfortunately, this world is far from ideal, and children suffer serious injuries in many ways every day. In some cases, car accidents can result in children ending up in critical condition, especially if a child was a pedestrian at the time.

It was recently reported that a child was hit by a vehicle in Arkansas. Details regarding exactly how the incident occurred were not given in the report, but the child was struck by a vehicle that was traveling north at approximately 9 p.m. The child was reported as being 6 years old, and he was taken to an area hospital before being airlifted to a children's hospital. He was reported as being in critical condition.

Understanding leases can help with commercial lease disputes

Owning a business can put a lot of pressure on anyone. When individuals are first getting started, they may feel overwhelmed by the many decisions that they need to make. In particular, when looking for commercial property to lease, it is wise to fully understand the terms of the leases and how to handle any commercial lease disputes that may arise.

Before signing a lease, Arkansas business owners may want to thoroughly review the terms of the document and consider factors that are important to them. For instance, it is important to not only look at the amount of rent owed but also any hidden fees that may come up. If the rental agreement addresses pass-through expenses, it likely means that the expenses are not included in the rent amount but still apply to the tenants.

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