Lawsuits have been filed in over ten U.S. states over the past few months by corn producers alleging losses that resulted from Syngenta AG’s decision to sell biotech seed to corn producers before the biotech seed was approved by Chinese authorities for import. Specifically, the lawsuits allege that Syngenta mislead corn producers as to the potential of China’s approval of the biotech seed.

China, one of the largest export markets for U.S. corn, rejected grain imports that tested positive for the seed in November 2013. The type of biotech corn involved is Viptera MIR 162, a type of seed designed to be pest resistant. It is estimated that Viptera has been planted in 2.8 million acres of land around the U.S.

The lawsuits include, among others, those who have farmed Viptera as well as any corn producers who have sustained losses because of decreases in corn prices as a result of China’s rejection of Viptera. If you have been affected by this matter and believe you have a claim against Syngenta, you may fill out a contact form on our home page for a free consultation. Our team looks forward to discussing this matter with you.

Note: Bart Calhoun and his family have been involved in agriculture for well over fifty years. Bart’s grandfather started farming rice and soybeans over fifty years ago, and his father started farming in the late sixties and has harvested over thirty crops. Bart understands the market and plans to continue using his lawyering skills to provide services to those in the agriculture industry.