When you drive a vehicle, you expect it to provide a certain level of protection against the elements, collisions and other dangers. In fact, safety ratings probably influenced your decision of which vehicle to buy.

Unfortunately, despite high advances in modern technology, mistakes continue to happen due to human error and outright negligence. You may discover due to a recall notice or firsthand experience that your car is defective in some manner. In some cases, the issue may be with the design, as with SUVs that can easily roll over in a crash. However, the likelier hazard is your automobile containing one of the following defects that have been common recently.

Faulty ignition switch

General Motors experienced massive trouble a few years ago over their ignition switches that would turn the engine off in the middle of driving. Reports show that the company knew about the faulty part as early as 2001 but failed to implement a proper correction plan due to cost, shares NPR. As of 2013, the defective ignition switch led to multiple crashes and 13 fatalities.

Exploding airbag

Airbags are meant to prevent you from sustaining worse injuries that you would without them deploying. However, with the Takata brand, the airbags caused injury and 15 deaths due to exploding, says Consumer Reports. Some vehicles are in more danger than others.

Other parts

The list of possible auto defects is extensive. Other common issues are with brakes, tires, steering components, seat belts and even children’s car seats. You can search on the site of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for recalls in addition to the above to see if they affect your vehicle and what you should do next, especially if the manufacturer has not reached out to you. You can also report problems on the site if you experience danger or get into a car accident because of your vehicle.