Some mistakes made in life can have devastating outcomes. While the results can affect many people, a lapse in judgment may not always mean that a person should face immensely harsh consequences. Of course, when the situation involves charges for DWI following a fatal accident, the accused driver will need a strong defense in hopes of avoiding or lessening harsh punishment.

One driver in Arkansas will certainly want to determine the best way to approach his case after such an event. Reports stated that the man was seen parked in a parking lot and heard talking loudly with someone while on the phone, and after leaving the parking lot, the man then ran a red light. As a result, his vehicle reportedly struck a pickup truck in the intersection.

The driver of the pickup was trapped inside the vehicle, and by the time emergency crews removed him, he no longer had a pulse. That individual was taken to an area hospital and was declared deceased. The driver of the car allegedly stated that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening, and a breath test allegedly indicated that his blood alcohol concentration level was twice the legal limit. As a result, he is currently facing charges for negligent homicide and DWI.

In order to defend against the allegations, this Arkansas man may need a variety of information. In particular, he may want to learn more about criminal legal proceedings, how he can prepare, and what convictions for DWI and negligent homicide could mean in terms of sentencing. In order to work toward his best possible outcome, he may wish to create and present a meaningful defense.