Most Arkansas business owners know that, even from the outset of creating their company, it is important to prepare for possible conflicts. There are many different issues that could lead to litigation, and one of those relates to trademark infringement. Trademarks fall into the category of intellectual property, and if another company or person attempts to use that property, legal action may be necessary.

Trademarks typically refer to an image, word or phrase that companies use to help consumers connect to their brands. For example, most people can easily recognize Apple Inc. due to its bitten apple logo. This trademarked image allows the company to help customers quickly realize they are looking at Apple products. Therefore, if another company attempted to use this or a very similar image, it could prove damaging to Apple.

Most companies utilize trademarks because they want consumers to connect the phrase or image with a quality product or service. If another company offering lower quality products or services uses a trademarked image or similar image, it could trick consumers into buying the lower quality option. This action could simultaneously hurt the trademark holders’ profits as well as potentially damage their reputation.

Trademark infringement can have a number of negative effects on companies. If Arkansas business owners believe that someone has infringed on their trademarks, they may need to look into their legal options. In some cases, litigation may be needed in order to have the other company stop using the intellectual property and to potentially seek compensation for resulting damages.