Ending a marriage is a major life change, and with changes to certain divorce-related laws coming up soon, many Arkansas residents may be wondering how to best handle important choices in the near future. In particular, changes to alimony law will go into effect in just a couple of months. As a result, some individuals may want to put their divorce proceedings into the next gear.

If individuals already have their marriage dissolution proceedings underway, they may be able to finalize their divorces before the alimony changes go into effect. Many individuals want to avoid being affected by the change because the new law would result in the paying party remaining responsible for the tax obligations associated with spousal support. As a result, some people who may have been dragging their feet in regard to legal proceedings may find themselves wanting to speed things up.

Of course, there are numerous people who will not have the ability to finalize their divorce cases before the end of the year. Just beginning the process can take months, which means that the new law will likely go into effect before proceedings get well underway. However, parties may be able to create settlement terms ahead of time that could address alimony. One stipulation to this action is that, if the settlement terms change, the new alimony law could then apply.

Dealing with alimony has often been a sticking point in divorce, but it has also been a useful negotiating tool. Now that the payors will remain responsible for tax obligations, many people may take a different view to spousal support. If Arkansas residents are concerned over this type of support and whether the law modifications will apply to them, they may want to talk about those concerns with their legal counsel.