Because there are many facets involved with completing construction projects, it is easy for something to go wrong along the way. As a result, a company could have to deal with many hardships in order to complete a project. In some cases, a business may face problems before even obtaining a project, and construction litigation could take place.

Arkansas readers may be interested in a construction lawsuit that took place in another state. According to reports, a construction company filed suit against the county after not being chosen for three road construction projects. The company’s bids for the projects were the lowest, but the county commission denied the company the opportunity to obtain the projects because of existing concerns regarding workmanship issues. The commission also stated that the company was involved in a dispute regarding a damaged utility line.

After the construction company filed the lawsuit, the case went to mediation. Recently, both sides agreed to a settlement in which the company would obtain the biggest contract of the three and would withdraw its bids for the other two projects. The company would also pay $3,000 to settle the utility line dispute.

Running a business of any type can be difficult, and when a company is passed over for projects, it can raise a great deal of concern. If Arkansas construction company owners are worried that they are being unfairly overlooked for projects, they may wish to discuss these concerns with their legal counsel. As this case shows, lawsuits and possible construction litigation may need to take place to order to resolve disputes.