When a driver loses control of a vehicle, it can be immensely difficult to get the vehicle back under control. A driver may begin to panic, which often does not help matters. Additionally, if a semitrailer is involved, the size of that vehicle can come into play. In such cases, it is likely that 18-wheeler accidents occur.

It was recently reported that an accident in Arkansas involved similar circumstances. Apparently, a truck driver was traveling north when that individual lost control of the truck. The truck then traveled into oncoming traffic where it collided with another commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle. Another vehicle was also reportedly involved, but details were not given on what role it played in the accident.

The drivers of the first three vehicles all suffered fatal injuries. Their ages were given as 39, 39 and 25 years old. It was not clear which individual was driving which vehicle. The fourth driver involved suffered only minor injuries in the incident. Information on what may have caused the truck driver to lose control was not given in the report.

It is unfortunate that 18-wheeler accidents often result in fatalities. There is no wonder why so many people feel uncomfortable traveling the roads with these large commercial vehicles. In cases like this one, the families of the victims may have reason to take legal action if they want to seek compensation for damages resulting from the accident. Filing wrongful death claims against the parties deemed culpable may allow them to seek the outcomes they desire. Information on filing such claims in Arkansas may prove useful.