When people are taken into police custody, it is easy for them to feel completely out of their element, especially if they have never been arrested before. They may wonder what will happen to them, what they need to do and what options they may have for getting out of the predicament. In relation to the last thought, obtaining legal information can often help them understand their defense options for accusations of violent crimes.

It was recently reported that three individuals in Arkansas were taken into custody on multiple charges. Apparently, the two men and one woman had been at a home when another man came to talk with the woman. For an unknown reason, according to the authorities, one of the other men pointed a shotgun at the visiting man, and the second man pointed a pistol at the visitor.

The alleged victim claims that he was hit in the back of the head and choked before the others forced him into his truck and told him to drive while the woman pointed a gun at him. The other two men followed the truck in an SUV. The victim saw a parked police car and stopped his truck in front of it and jumped out for help. The situation resulted in the two men and woman being taken into custody and charged with robbery, assault and kidnapping.

Allegations of violent crimes can severely impact anyone’s life. The individuals accused in this Arkansas incident may find it in their best interests to explore their legal options closely to determine the most viable courses of action. With the right information, they may feel better able to work toward the outcomes they find most agreeable.