Business owners and operators often want to take precautions to make sure that they do not put their companies at unnecessary risk for damages. These precautions often involve creating contracts and other agreements when they do business with another person or entity. Unfortunately, these precautions may not always protect the business as hoped if a breach of contract occurs.

Arkansas residents may be interested in a lawsuit that involved companies owned by the family of late musician Bob Marley. According to reports, Fifty-Six Hope Road and Hope Road Merchandising had entered into an agreement with a coffee company that allowed that company to use the musician’s name and trademarked image for business purposes. The coffee company reportedly named a beverage after Marley.

Unfortunately, the arrangement did not remain on good terms. The Marley companies filed a lawsuit against the coffee company after disputes arose over unpaid royalties and alleged sublicensing of the Marley brand to outside parties. The coffee company also purportedly continued using the trademarks after its licenses to do so had expired. The lawsuit resulted in the Marley companies being awarded $2.4 million in damages, which is a decision the coffee company appealed. However, the initial ruling was recently upheld on appeal. 

Business agreements can often be lucrative, but as this case shows, companies can also suffer damages when contracts are broken. If Arkansas business owners are having to deal with issues resulting from a breach of contract, they may want to explore their best options for pursuing restitution. Following through with business litigation may be a viable route to consider.