Trademarks can give business owners some peace of mind in knowing that they have taken steps to protect certain intellectual property. Still, a trademark may not physically stop another person or entity from using that property. However, it can allow the trademark owners to take legal action against those who commit trademark infringement.

Arkansas readers may be interested to know that singer Rihanna has recently filed this type of lawsuit against her father. With her full name being Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the singer started using the name Fenty in 2012 in association with her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, and other businesses. At some point, she apparently obtained a trademark for the name Fenty. In 2017, her father, Ronald Fenty, began using the family name for his talent and production company, Fenty Entertainment.

The lawsuit claims that her father has violated the trademark while also wrongfully suggesting that the entertainment business was connected to Rihanna and her brands. The goal of the lawsuit is to stop Ronald Fenty from using the name for his company and to obtain unspecified damages. Representatives for Fenty Entertainment did not provide a comment for the report.

Trademark infringement can cause companies considerable damage and result in confusion among consumers. Arkansas business owners who have faced this type of issue may wonder how to best address their predicaments. Seeking compensation for resulting damages is often warranted, and consulting with experienced legal professionals may help interested parties better understand their options and how they can ensure that violations of their intellectual property come to an end.