Suffering injuries in any type of event can be difficult. When the harm results from someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, the victims may have reason to pursue legal action against the parties considered responsible. Unfortunately, those parties may not always be immediately apprehended, but it does not mean that affected individuals cannot look into their options for personal injury claims.

One woman in Arkansas may be considering her legal options as authorities search for a person or persons who threw a tire off an overpass. Reports indicated that the woman was riding in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s vehicle on I-530 when the tire came down from the overpass and went through the vehicle’s windshield. Apparently, an SUV had stopped on the overpass before the tire was thrown.

The tire hit the woman and knocked her unconscious. She was taken to the emergency room and suffered a severe concussion, multiple fractures to her nose and injuries to her jaw and teeth. Investigators indicated that this type of incident is not the first, and other such incidents have occurred since this injury-causing one. It is unclear whether these events are taking place as some type of sick game or for other reasons.

When authorities apprehend the individual or individuals involved in this incident, the woman may want to consider filing a personal injury claim in order to seek compensation. While the search for those responsible is underway, the woman may want to obtain information about her possible legal options. Utilizing local Arkansas legal resources may help her gain applicable insight into her possible case.