Many Arkansas parents have reservations when it comes to letting their kids spend a lot of time on social media. They may fear that it will cause them to have low self-esteem due to constantly comparing themselves to others or will result in poor in-person social skills. Still, social media can have its time and place to be useful, and some parents may be using it more for child custody reasons.

Though the manner in which parents get along after divorce has often been considered important for the well-being of the kids, it may be that communication between the kids and their parents is more important. A recent study indicated that the manner in which parents co-parented after divorce did not seem to have much impact on child-parent relationships. However, the frequency of communication between kids and parents did.

If parents want to maintain strong bonds with their kids, having open ways to communicate is important. Because many custody arrangements do not allow both parents to see their children every day, finding ways to stay in touch can help keep relationships strong. With the various methods of communication offered by social media, parents and kids may have an easier time staying connected.

Finding the right child custody arrangement can help when it comes to ensuring that parental bonds stay strong. Of course, each situation differs, and Arkansas parents may not always be able to obtain their ideal custody terms. Still, they can work toward the outcomes that they believe will best benefit their children.