It is common for Arkansas residents to want to update their homes or make much-needed repairs. In many cases, individuals enlist the help of construction-related professionals in efforts to have those changes made. Of course, not every client-contractor relationship goes well, and contractor disputes can take place.

It was recently reported that a woman and her son in another state faced such an issue with a contractor. The woman had reportedly hired the contractor to remodel her home, which would include installing new cabinets and a new bathroom along with repairing the roof and other work. The job was totaled at $26,000 for the contractor’s labor as the family had already purchased the necessary materials themselves. However, the contractor began requesting more money for the job, and after the son told his mother not to pay more, the contractor left the job and took the materials with him.

The son attempted to contact the man in efforts to resolve the situation, but communication efforts had not been successful. The son provided receipts for the materials they purchased and copies of checks showing payments to the contractor when he filed a police report and a report with the Attorney General’s office. The woman stated that she was hurt and disappointed by the situation, and it was noted that the contractor had not obtained a license to work in the area.

Many people look forward to making changes to their homes or other property because they want a fresh look. Unfortunately, as this case shows, that excitement can quickly turn sour when contractor disputes arise. If Arkansas residents believe that they have experienced similar issues, they may wish to look into their legal options.