When driving through Arkansas, you trust your vehicle to be safe, secure, and functional. Unfortunately, if a critical piece of your car fails, the entire structure can become hazardous. Today, we at McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun take a look at ignition switch failures.

Ignition switch failures can lead to many problems. Perhaps the biggest are the result of an ignition switch failing while your engine is in operation. An ignition switch turns on different systems in your vehicle. The first system involves all electrical accessories and the second system controls the fuel and ignition. The third is the engine itself. If your ignition switch does not do its job properly, your ignition and fuel systems can have the power cut off. As a result, the engine may stall.

Stalled engines can easily lead to a crash. The severity of said crash may change depending on where your car stalls out, how frequently it stalls, and how long these stalls last. If you are on the freeway or turning in a busy intersection, a stalled engine could put you in the path of other vehicles who may not be able to swerve away from you in time.

If you have been involved in an incident where the ignition switch failure or the failure of another critical piece of your car has led to the crash, we may be able to help. Consider taking a look at our web page on personal injury cases, linked above, and further examine the possibility of seeking compensation.