As you start to gather information about how to secure your cannabis retail license for your Arkansas dispensary, do yourself a favor and learn how you could risk losing your license. It is always best to get ahead of a disaster.

Cova has a few points to ponder. Be sure to keep these facts in mind as you plan, open and operate your dispensary.

Check customer IDs

Just like a bar, you can lose your license by selling to underage customers. Check the legal purchase age in Arkansas, and be sure you thoroughly train your staff so they know to check IDs and use an ID scanner before selling to potentially underage customers.

Keep careful track of your daily purchase limits

You can only sell a specific amount of cannabis each day, so occasionally check what that limit is, as it may have changed since you last checked. This is another area that requires careful employee training.

Only sell between the hours of operation

Double-check the most recent hours of operation for cannabis retail stores in Arkansas, and stick to them. You may find this easier to do by investing in a POS system that only allows you and your employees to complete transactions between the most recent hours of operation. That way, you do not accidentally risk losing your license.

Refrain from giving out samples

If recreational customers are not familiar with a certain strain of marijuana or cannabis product, you cannot give them a sample. This does not always apply to medical patients.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.