If you are like a lot of people in Arkansas, you may sometimes wonder if the advanced safety features included in many new vehicles today are helping to keep people safe on the roads. The answer to this is not necessarily straightforward as it may depend in part on the perspective you are coming from. A lot of factors play into safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians and it seems that pedestrians, in particular, are facing some big risks lately.

According to a report by CNBC, the nation recorded more pedestrian deaths last year than it has in 28 years. Records from the Governors Highway Safety Association indicate that fatalities of foot traffic jumped 250 over the prior year, with more than 6,270 pedestrians dying on the nation’s roads.

One of the contributing factors to the increase in pedestrian deaths may be the increase in size of many vehicles on the road today. Taller vehicles may make it harder for drivers to see pedestrians. The height of bigger sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks also means that when a pedestrian is hit, the impact is more likely to occur at the head or chest where the injuries will be more severe than if the impact was in the legs.

If you would like to learn more about the factors that may contribute to an increased risk of being hit as a pedestrian or how you can get help after such an accident occurs, please feel free to visit the pedestrian injury and assistance page of our Arkansas personal injury website.